DIY Personalized Snowglobes!

Backside of Jar

Backside of Jar

Snowglobes are fun no matter how old you are, and these are easy to make as well! This year we are throwing my daughter a big “FROZEN” First Birthday Party.  I wanted to do something fun and creative, and came with up these  Personalized Mason Jar Snowglobes.

These can we be used for any occasion, and with almost any clear jar and a lid. I chose the smaller pint size mason jars for my project. You can also use any regular size mason jars you have around the house or even cute little baby food jars!


What You’ll Need:

Mason Jar
Super Glue
Personalized Picture

What To Do:

Most jars are smaller than the average 4 x 6 picture, so I had to cut them down to size. I cut each picture 2 inches x 3 inches. Make sure to trim each picture enough to leave room for the lamination seal to also fit in the jar.
**TIP: I used a piece of card stock in the corrected size to trace over all the pictures.

I had a little assistant on this one :)

I had a little assistance from Miss Dallis on this one 🙂

You can choose to cut out two pictures and glue them facing back to back, or create a design on the other side. Since our theme is Frozen, I cut out little snowflakes and glued them to the colored paper on the back of the photos. After everything was done, I let them sit overnight and dry. If you choose to use two photos back-to-back, test it out with the jar first and make sure that both photos will be clearly visible.


I took my photos to OfficeM*x and got them laminated. For 24 photos, it cost me $3.64. They came back all laminated on one sheet, so I cut them up and made sure not to cut the seal. If you want a cheaper option, you can also use clear packing tape. Make sure to get all the edges really good to not allow water in.

Place the pictures inside the mason jars. Add a little glitter and fill it up to the top with water. If you don’t have glitter, you can also use gratted PVC pipe for a snow effect.
**TIP: This is also where you can add some Glecerin if you like. This makes the fake snow fall a little slower, and gives it a really neat effect

STEP 5: Place some Super Glue around the edges on the lid, and screw on tightly. Turn it over, shake it up… and now you have your beautifully hand made Mason Jar Snowglobes. Feel free to dress up your jars with stickers, ribbons and more!


These are fun for the whole family and can make great gifts for Grandparents, Birthday Centerpieces, Holiday Table Decorations and more!