Dallis’s Frozen Birthday Party- Hawaiian Style

Frozen Birthday Invite - haley mullen I have come back from the dead! Okay, so I didn’t die. I haven’t been able to get on and post, as we have been very busy with my daughters first birthday party. Now that the madness is over, I am very happy that I am able to share the day and my crafts with everyone. I love to throw parties and be creative, but throwing a party for a one year old princess with 250 people was a little challenging. We chose the theme Frozen back when it first came out and my daughter was only 3 months old. This, as crazy as it seems, is a necessity when it comes to giant luau parties. We had to not only book a venue (community center) and band, but we had to let family members know the date asap so that they could plan around that weekend since we had quite a  few family member/friends flying in from out of state and in from other islands. Frozen has now blown into a huge hit with the kids, and it was really awesome seeing everyone (adults and kids) enjoying the party.

IMG_20140920_184417_241             IMG_20140920_175557_384

Now when I say Hawaiian Style, I mean huge!! Back in the day Hawaiians through large parties for their babies first birthdays. This has turned into a really big event for everyone here and become a tradition. If you aren’t familiar with it, it is because back in the day it was a really big milestone for children to make it to their first birthdays, due to illness, diseases etc. Now a days, that means birthday are filled with jumping castles, bands, djs, face painting ladies, balloon twisters, food food,…. and more food! I had a lot of fun and months of crafting for her big day. Almost everything from this party was hand made by myself, a family member or friend. I did the majority of the work months before her party, and I received lots of help from people the week of the big bash. I enjoy staying home with my daughter during the day, but with all the glitter involved I usually had to wait until she went down for a nap on this project. I felt crazy crafting 6 months before her party, but gosh am I glad I did. Honestly, I will be okay if I never have to see another snow flake, Olaf, piece of glitter, or balloon for a long long time.

IMG_20140920_175548_882                  IMG_20140920_180429_757                      IMG_20140920_175534_892

I made the arch (balloons only), cardboard character cutouts, glittered/decorated mason jars and snow globes myself. I had help decorating all the tables, blowing up balloons, the cake and cookies. My parents once again were amazing help. My mom and Dad built the balloon arch frame and all the stands that held up my characters. My husbands parents and family did all the food. It was amazing, and there was a lot! Honestly, this day could have never happened without everyones help. We are so blessed to have Dallis in our lives, and she is one lucky, blessed, very very very loved little girl. I hope you enjoy all the pictures and can once again find any inspiration you are looking for in her Frozen birthday decorations.

CYMERA_20141003_110520     CYMERA_20141003_110724      CYMERA_20141003_110330     IMG_20140920_173443_807  IMG_20140920_181010_834  CYMERA_20141009_140045IMG_57937732865443   We were having way to much fun dancing away to the music, and I forgot to take pictures of the Hot Chocolate Table and the Kids Table. I brought my Kerig and had cups, packets of hot coco, marshmallows, crushed peppermint and chocolate sticks waiting for the kids. This was a huge hit! We also had an amazing kids table where the face painter/balloon twister was. It was filled with purple and blue glow sticks, Frozen socks, Frozen coloring books, Frozen pencils, Frozen dry erase boards, Frozen Stickers, tattoos etc. You name it, we had it. The majority of these cute items were from the $1 rack at Target. (We don’t have one on Maui yet, so all the items were flown in with us from vacation trips and family coming to visit) Hope you all enjoy, and get some ideas for your very own Frozen inspired party!!   SPECIAL THANKS TO: Shannon, the owner of Sweet Isabels in Avon Lake, Ohio. She made the amazingly cute cookies.  Check her out on Facebook! Danae, the owner of Cupcake762 in Kahului, Hawaii. She made and provided the beautiful Frozen cake. Jolie, the owner of Cirque Jolie in Makawao, Hawaii. She provided hours of entertainment for the kids with her creative face painting and balloon twisting. Our family ❤  Grant and I couldn’t have done it with all the help from our family members with the food and decorations. Thank  you!!! CYMERA_20141107_120847