Crazy Craftin’ Momma


Dallis K in our Mustard & White Chevron print knot headband #24

I have been one busy momma lately. Besides running a household and chasing after a crazy 13 month old, I also have been channeling my inner artsiness (is that a word?). I began taking pictures of my daughter a few months ago. Of course I have photos of every moment of her life since birth, but since purchasing my DSLR camera a few months back, it has been life changing. It does not even compare to all my other everyday mommy cell phone pics. My daughter is already drop dead gorgeous (sorry to brag), but with the combination of the quality pictures, and a little bit of mommy made fashion, we will go far. Dallis has just been announced as a new Brand Rep for TWO different amazing companies (more to come in later blog) haha. Besides getting more info photography, I also have picked up a love for sewing. I begin making headbands, scarves and skirts, and when my daughter is in the mood, boy do we make a great team showing them off 🙂

Besides being Mommy, I am also slowly but surely starting up my own little business on Etsy/Instagram. I have not launched the shop just yet, as it needs some tweaking and I would like to build up a little more of an inventory first. I hope one day it can be my little way of bringing home some bacon for my family. I love the thought of being able to make a little extra cash doing things I love. But while I do love making things, dressing my daughter up and taking pictures, it sure is exhausting sometimes. As you can see, she doesn’t sit still for long…. and she’s off to feed the chickens!!

As you can see, she doesn't sit still for long...

I have tried on more than a few occasions to sew while she is awake, but there is just something about the sound and movements of the machine that I cannot keep her away from. When she isn’t trying to put her hands in the machine, she can be found with fabric scraps on her head, pulling out ALL my finished headbands, my measuring tape wrapped around her neck, and half of my thread down her diaper, and its never ending…soooo nope, doesn’t work. I will just continue to craft while the princess sleeps haha. I have to use my time wisely, because its not everyday that I get two long wonderful naps out of my daughter, but when I do, Im a crafting machine. So for now, Ill continue to slowly build my little mini empire from inside the comforts of my home, while still holding down my Momma Bear role 😉

Sewing Machine, Baby Monitor, Blogging and Headbands.... all in an hours nap time!

Sewing Machine, Baby Monitor, Blogging and Headbands…. all in an hours nap time!