Country Chic Wedding


A few months ago I married the love of my life, my college sweetheart. Although we live in the most beautiful place in the world, we wanted to get married around the majority of our friends and family. Since I am originally from Ohio, and we both met in college in West Virginia, we decided to make the buckeye state our place of “I Do’s”. I used Pinterest and my parents for a lot of inspiration. I can honestly say that I get a 100% of my crafting/creativeness from my parents. Because of all their hard work, our wedding was all handmade and DIY.

My family is God sent, and honestly made the whole wedding happen. Since we were flying in from Hawaii (along with my in-laws) a week before the wedding, the majority of it had to be done months in advance, with their help. My sisters helped pick out the dresses, and sent me pictures/Skyped with everything they found. Were messaged back about jewelry and shoes etc. I sent my parents idea of centerpieces and the how I wanted the overall feeling of the wedding to be, and they made it happen. Everything from our favors, trellis, cake stand, wedding signs, centerpieces and open bar decorations were all handmade by my family with love. We met at college because we both played D2 baseball & softball, so you can see we incorporated our love for the game throughout our wedding. I hope you enjoy the pictures from our special day, and find inspiration where it is needed.

Our party favors. The other side said "Sending Smore Love".

My parents hand made the boxes out of wood. They stained/painted them and then filled with flowers. The numbers were all cut out by my dad and then mounted onto a wooden stained log stand.

My Mom and Dad collectively made these centerpieces. My Dad cut and nailed all the wood boxes together, and my Mom white wash painted each one before placing flowers in them. My dad also hand cut out all these table numbers, along with the wooden stump bases they sit on. My mom finished them up with a few coats of stain. They were beautiful!!




One of my favorite things about the wedding, was this beyond beautiful trellis my dad made us. It was breathtaking, and so special to get married under something my parents worked so hard on.



I hope you enjoyed looking through a few of my wedding pictures, and I hope you get inspiration to make your big day beautiful as well. Thank you for reading 🙂

I want to dedicate this page to our parents. Thank you for all the hard work you put into our wedding day. We love you!

3 thoughts on “Country Chic Wedding

  1. Lovely photos!! The theme is cute, and you wearing cowboy boots under your dress is so funny! Also, I love the cake! (And your parents should open up a wedding centerpiece making business: they did a great job on yours!)


    • Thank you so much! Yes, everything was wonderful. A little bit Hawaii, a little bit country 🙂 My parents did amazing. I also had other candle jar centerpieces with sand in them, that had my brother in law eating pickles for months just so we had enough jars! haha. Thanks again, I agree. They want to retire soon, but I keep telling them to get into the wedding business. lol


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